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baKBlade Bigmouth Back Shaver


The baKBlade Bigmouth is a fixed handle back shaver that can be compared with the Razorba, however unlike the Razorba, the baKBlade does not have the option to use any razor, it will only work with Bigmouths razors. Depending on who you ask this can be seen as a pro or con, the con in this is that their blades do not seem to last long, usually around 2-3 shaves before they become dull, and they aren’t inexpensive, others might see this as a pro as the price for a new blade is right around the price of a decent disposable razor, and these blades are quite large.

The handle on the baKBlade Bigmouth shavers is not adjustable or extendable but for our testers the design was good enough to reach the entire back. The unit itself is quite light, as it feels like a lightweight piece of molded plastic, but since it’s light it doesn’t strain your arms when using it on your back.

The design of the blade has a nice comb like feature that allows the device to essentially comb the hair into the blade and not matte it down, so usually a single pass will get the area stubble free.


The build quality on the baKBlade Bigmouth is decent. As mentioned above the unit feels light in your hands, and appears to be an inexpensive plastic mold, but on the other hand we did not feel it would easily break. In comparison to the Razorba, which has more heft and feels good in your hands, the Bigmouth doesn’t give off the same impression.

Since this is a single solid design you won’t need to worry about moving parts like the electric shavers, and you won’t need to worry about batteries either, so as long as the handle doesn’t break, and you are able to buy replacement blades, it will likely last a long time.

Blades, as mentioned above, do not maintain their edge for very long, usually 2-3 shaves, though this is entirely dependant on the amount of hair, and how course it is. For those harry yetis that have a mountain of hair, you may want to trim it first to maintain the blades sharpness for a longer time, and shave a little more often when the hair is shorter. I’ve read that people have found off market blades at the grocery store, but I haven’t been able to locate any near me, so your mileage may vary with this. That being said the blades are nice and sharp the first few times you use them, and it feels like someone is scratching your back, in a good way.

How to use

For any back shave it’s always best to start with shorter hair, though with this blade it does a good job of cutting through an immense jungle of hair. We tried it both in the shower as well as dry shaving before and after a shower and found that we preferred to shave it before showering, that way we could shower off any of the stray hairs still on our backs. The shave was the same each time, so we looked for convenience and efficiency, meaning while the water in the shower heats up, shaving your back seemed like something good to do.

There is a guard on this shaver so the head needs to be in the correct position to shave the hair, but you do have a wide angle of options before you hit that guard, meaning a natural position will generally work.

It’s very helpful to use two mirrors if possible to check your work as you go, unless you are limber in your neck and can see your entire back, it’s easy to miss a few areas, or a few stray hairs.

I like to start in the middle and work my way to the sides and then to the top, using long strokes with overlapping paths. After my shower I’ll dry off and inspect again to shave the hairs I’ve missed, for some reason I always miss a few in random spots.


We really like the baKBlade Bigmouths blade for how easily it removes hair the first few shaves, and the design of the unit does allow most to reach all areas of the back.


The fact that the blades become dull quickly and the cost of replacements are high, this to us is a major con, if you can find generic blades that fit, then this becomes less of an issue. We also wished the unit had less of a plastic feel, but it didn’t seem to impact performance. Both of these should be kept in mind when comparing against the Razorba, since the Razorba allows most razors to be used, and the Razorba has more heft and feels more sturdy.