Mangroomer Professional

Mangroomer Professional

Mangroomer Professional








Blade Width


Hair Removal



  • Rechargeable and Long Lasting
  • Extra Long Reach
  • Solid Construction


  • Alkaline Battery
  • Loud
  • Small Blade Width

Mangroomer Professional Back Shaver


The Mangroomer Professional is a lower cost option from the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro, but still is a quality electric back shaver. The handle on all Mangroomer shavers are adjustable and extendable, so you can easily reach any area on you back. With the rechargeable battery you will easily get many shaves before needing to recharge, this is a very nice feature so you aren’t tied to a cord, or hunting in a bathroom for a free outlet. The blade on the Mangroomer Professional is 1.5 inches wide, which is a good width to enable you to quickly remove large areas of back hair.


The build quality on the Mangroomers are outstanding. These are not lightweight shavers, the adjustable parts solidly held for us, but a few reviewers mentioned that while it sounded like it locked in place, it did not hold the adjustment. We didn’t experience this, and we also noticed that the device doesn’t have any bending or flexing, which when having rotating blades on your bare back, you kind of hope it will perform as you want it to. Overall it feels like a solid shaver.

The blade quality has been questioned by some reviewers, though we haven’t seen any issues. Mangroomer does sell replacement shaver heads, so it might be wise to stock up just in case, as any electric shaver will eventually see wear in the shaver head.

The cutting action on the Mangroomer Professional is quite nice, the older model’s were known for having square edges that with even the slightest touch would give people severe razor burn. The Mangroomer Professional did not give our testers any issues with razor burn, and most said they even applied pressure and did not have any issues with the blades.

How to use

Since the unit is adjustable, both in length as well as the angle, you will need to find the right setting for your back, and the area you plan on shaving. You likely will be making adjustments to ensure your entire back is hair free. As for the shaving part it’s very similar to shaving your face, just make a few passes over the area or areas until the hair is removed. The blade itself is 1.5 inches wide, so it’s not huge, which means you may need to perform several overlapping passes to clear an area.

For longer hairs the recommendation is to go slow the first time, otherwise you will likely have hairs being pulled. Once your hairs are shorter, then the process is much simpler and you can shaver faster without this issue. On newer releases they’ve addressed this issue. So go slow the first time you shave not only to eliminate the pulling issue, but also to learn how to use the tool.


We love the Mangroomer line of back shavers for their versatility, the fact that they are electric which gives you a very smooth back, and the simple fact that this line of products makes it extremely easy to maintain your back hair in the privacy of your own home.


Like any electric shaver, or any item with moving parts and a battery, expect it not to last a lifetime. The batteries on the professional line are not Lithium like their latest release, so eventually you will see the device not last as long in between charges, as well the unit will not charge as fast as those with newer batteries. The shaver head will need to be kept clean, and you will eventually need to replace it, though most reviewers reported this happening after 2 years, it’s still something to keep in mind in comparing against the Razorba, for example. For the price the quality is quite good and we can generally over look some of these issues, in order to step up to the latest Mangroomer you would need to spend somewhere between $30 and $40 more, which might make it worthwhile to start with the best.

Another con that was brought up repeatedly was the expensive charger, meaning if you lose it, be prepared to fork over $27, unless you are able to find a knock off, or re-use a similar one from around the house.