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Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver


The Mangroomer Ultimate is the middle range option from Mangroomer, and like the rest of their product line it’s a quality electric back shaver. The handle on all Mangroomer shavers are adjustable and extendable, which means it should reach all areas on anyones back. With the rechargeable batter you will easily get many shaves before needing to recharge, this is a very nice feature so you aren’t tied to a cord, or hunting in a bathroom for a free outlet. The blade on the Mangroomer Ultimate is 1.8 inches, which is .3 inches wider than the Mangroomer Professional. The 1.5 inch seemed on the smaller side, so the extra .3 inches was a welcome addition.


I’ve written about this before in other reviews, but feel the need to repeat myself in saying that the build quality on these Mangroomers are outstanding. I’ve never noticed any bending or movement once I’ve locked in my length and angle, and I’m able to adjust quickly on the fly as I often have trouble on my left side with my left shoulder (more of a personal flexibility issue than a product issue), so I adjust differently based on my reach.

This Mangroomer comes with 2 interchangeable attachment shaving heads, one is the 1.8 inch wide blade, and the other is an ultra wide blade which is great for larger areas and longer hairs. I was able to use the wider blade over most of my back, and switched to the smaller blade for areas with a lot of contours, like my shoulders.

Like mentioned in the review of the Mangroomer Professional, it would be wise to purchase a few extra shaving heads as, like any electric shaver, they will not last for ever.

How to use

Since the unit is adjustable, both in length as well as the angle, you will need to find the right setting for each area of your back, or the area you plan on shaving. You likely will be making adjustments to ensure your entire back is hair free. A few of our testers were able to use the same setting, while others needed to adjust based on the part being shaved, so this will be something you will need to determine.

As for the shaving part it’s very similar to shaving your face, just make a few passes over the area or areas until the hair is removed. The blade itself is 1.8 inches wide, so while it is larger than the Mangroomer Professional, you still will need to perform several overlapping passes to clear an area.


The Mangroomer line has been out for many years and it shows with their continual improvement over past years model. The Mangroomer Ultimate follows this rule and offers 2 shaving heads for different applications, a better batter that charges quicker and lasts longer, and maintains both the adjustability and build quality they have become known for.


Since this is an electric item, with moving parts, you should not expect it to last a life time. You should keep it clean to help it last longer. The batteries on the Ultimate line are not Lithium like the most recent release. Eventually you will notice that the batteries will not last as long in between charges. The unit will not charge as fast as those with newer batteries.