Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Razorba Back Hair Shaver









Blade Width


Hair Removal



  • No Batteries
  • Works with most disposable razors


  • Not Adjustable
  • Heavy
  • Not easy to insert a razor

Razorba Back Hair Shaver


The Razorba is not only an interesting looking device with an odd name, but it’s also extremely well designed as a manual back shaver. It’s shaped like a hammer with a long arm, it’s quite hefty in weight, but a the end of the hammer part there is a hole with a filling that allows you to push in most off the shelf disposable razors. In order to put in a razor you do need to push hard, this makes sure the razor will not pop out while using. With this design you can buy most disposable razors, from the single blades all the way up to the insane multi blades, which are likely overkill when shaving the back.


The weight of the Razorba at first seems like an unnecessary component, but when you first use it you realize the weight helps push down the razor onto your skin, to aid in the effective removal of your back hair. It’s quite large, and not adjustable, but for most it will be very effective. It’s not something you can easily hide in your luggage, unlike the Mangroomer, so that is something to take in consideration, though most men would likely be grooming their back hair at home, some may want to take it on trips abroad, especially to longer trips to beach locations when it’s warm.

How to use

Unlike it’s electric counterparts, the Razorba requires men to physically shave their back hair, of which we found that using a quick back and forth motion over the back yielded the best results.Back hair is typically soft like the hair on your arms, and not stiff like facial hair, so the results are even more impressive.  Since back hair is usually thin unlike facial hair, we found that the use of shaving cream to not be needed, and dry shaving seemed to work the best. After a shave there was a little irritation, but at least with our testers skin, it would disappear quickly.


We liked the fact that with the Razorba we weren’t tied to a manufacturer, or tied to a shaver with mechanical parts that could break, and that when we wanted a new blade we could easily buy one at the store.


The negatives were that the device was heavy, not adjustable, and very large, though all three of those cons could be seen as needed to make the design work, it made it hard to hide the device in our closet if we were embarrassed about it, or take it with us on a trip.